Finding the Perfect Cleanser

There is only one word that can truly define the experience of trying to find the perfect cleanser; traumatic. Every beauty counter has ‘the ultimate cleanse’ that is ‘easy rinse’, ‘removes all dirt’ and is ‘skin friendly’, and you end up drowning in an ocean of expensive skin irritants.

After spending years going through different cleansers like a quarterly routine I have finally found the golden the cleanser, the winner of them all, its the PERFECT cleaner… It’s of course the legendary Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser.

I have tried Christian Dior, Clinique, Sisley, Estee Lauder, Lancôme, L’Oreal -you name it I’ve tried it. Growing up in a skincare and beauty household meant I was blessed with luxury gifts and freebies from all these brands, so I thought it time I shared my learning’s throughout the years.

Liz Earle bring out variations of their Hot Cloth Cleanser through out the year and they are usually limited edition. As well as being an all round star, it comes in at a retail price of £15.50 for a 100ml which includes 2 Muslin Cloths and free shipping. 

(Rubber duck is unfortunately not included)
From experience I find their signature green bottle to be the best, it has the calming components of rosemary and chamomile to sooth and renew your skin. The Shea butter has fantastic anti aging qualities but most importantly the B vitamins (D-panthenol) cleans your epidermis so all dirt, make up and pollution is removed.

The most important thing a cleaner should do it clean. This is the fundamental part of all skincare; if you have clogged pores it doesn’t matter if you bathe your face in gold embellished caviar you will not reap the full benefits of any skincare product. It is essential that your face is fully clean for anti aging, healthy skin rotation, youthful radiance, acne recovery to happen. Clean, unclogged skin is the key to keeping a youthful complexion and preventing early aging.

The lovely thing about the hot cloth cleanser is that it suits everybody; from the jet setters who seldom get chill out time for a full face mask, to the stressed mums whose only ‘me time’ is in the bath with a glass of wine or for the pampered lady who indulges in spa breaks. You can smooth the rich creamy lotion onto your face and then wipe away quickly, or you can take time to breath in the aromas and lay back allowing the cleanse to calm your soul and condition your skin. It can be lathered on and massaged in as a moisturizing face mask when wearing no make-up. -It can be anything you need it to be. I have used it as a foot soak after a long day on my feet at work, and believe it or not I used it for my split ends when my hair was desperate for a haircut but my bank balance couldn’t justify it.

When it comes to skincare, I am the Simon Cowell of critics; I need to see that star quality or it’s a no from me. Trust me, for £15.50 this cleanser will change your entire skincare life, if you don’t believe me pop down to your local Liz Earle counter for a free sample and facial.

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser

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