DIY Aspirin Mask

Everybody has their ‘go to’ beauty fix, something that they can always depend on when their skin needs some serious TLC, and the Aspirin Face Mask is one of my top 5 ‘could not live without’ beauty fixes.

Okay so, Why is it so good?
If you have ever suffered from acne or a severe case of breakouts, you’ll understand what it’s like to want to go into hibernation and not be looked at until the season is over.

The trouble with a bad breakout is that sometimes you can’t figure out what caused it, so you go into product overload and try tonnes of different remedies for a short amount of time to get the quickest fix. This is the worst thing you can do (I still fight the urge to shove 15 different products on my breakouts) as it will cause your skin to panic and potentially break out even more. What your skin needs is a bit of rehab; a break away from toxins. It needs an Aspirin Mask.

Aspirin contains salicylic acid which is used to treat acne, as well as this it is a fantastic anti-inflammatory which reduces redness. Depending on how well blended you want to make your mask, you can use this as a gentle exfoliant which is great for removing dead skin to reveal a youthful complexion.

How do I make it?

Well firstly, if you are allergic to Aspirin please DO NOT use this mask, it will certainly cause you more problems and I would never want to do anybody harm. I would suggest popping to your local doctor for another remedy or check back at my website for when I upload an alternative DIY face mask 🙂

So, you will need:

5-7 aspirin tablets

Small bowl and small spoon

A few drops of tap water

Vitamin E oil or honey (optional)

First you need to tie your hair back so your face is clear and remove all traces of make up (you can keep eye make up on if you would like, just don’t splash your face when removing mask).

I use 5 aspirin tablets as I like to keep the mask away from eyes as my skin is very sensitive there, you place the tablets in your small dish and add a few drops of water.

Then crush the tablets with either your finger or a small spoon, this is when you can add a few drops of E oil or a dash of honey if you would like. I would say that the oil/honey helps keep the mask together whilst adding some healing benefits.

You’ll be left with a small paste which you then scoop up and press onto either your whole face or just on ‘problem areas’. Because the paste is a little crumbly, I would hold and press when applying the mask so you don’t lose product.

And then you wait! 10-15 mins is what I do, but there is no harm in keeping it on for 30 mins if your skin is screaming for some TLC.

When it’s time to rinse, take a flannel or muslin cloth and soak it with warm water. Then gently wipe away to reveal your gorgeous skin! The mask becomes a soft exfoliant when wiped away which buffs away dead skin and encourages cell renewal.

If you would like a minimal exfoliant then splash your face with warm water and don’t wipe.

Aspirin costs 40p in Boots and I’m sure you can find some honey in the cupboard so it’s such a cost effective mask! Have fun with your DIY aspiring mask!


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