The eye make up remover awards

We all love a big smoky eye, gorgeous batwing liner and jet black lashes. But as my mother said ‘beauty is hard work’, and when it comes to scrubbing all that eye make up off, she is certainly not wrong.

To be a winner of the eye make up remover awards, the product has to be fit enough to remove the most stubborn of mascara, prevent stinging or irritation around the eye area and also be time efficient without wasting product or leaving oily residue. Not asking for much, are we?

So the nominations for Best eye make up remover are…


Christian Dior

L’oreal Micellar Gel

So lets see what happened when I used each eye make up remover to take off a full smoky eye look:1. Lancôme Bi-Facil eye make up remover. This was heaven to use, I read so many great reviews and having a sister who works for Lancome and is a total fanatic about this brand I certainly had high expectations. Isn’t it nice when your expectations don’t let you down? No grease, no pain and took about 2 mins to remove all traces of heavy duty makeup. Everything was swept away using a couple cotton pads, this was completely stress free. Costs £21.50 for 125ml.
Time efficiency 8/10  Effectiveness 10/10  Comfort  8/10. Overall rating 8.6/10 Lancome bi facil 2. Dior. I always heard great things about this remover when I worked for Dior, and although this product does remove stubborn eye make up effectively it does really sting if you get a little bit in your eye. You have to be very carefull not to soak the cotton pad over the eye as it will burn like a b****! It is non oily which prevents that greasy aftermath which in the long run is ideal for dirt free pores. Costs £23.00 for 125ml.
Time efficiency 8/10  Effectiveness  8.5/10  Comfort 5/10. Overall rating 7.1/10 Dior eye make up remover 3. L’Oréal. This product did remove the eye make up quickly and with little residue but oh my god did it cane my eyes! You literally need the smallest amount of product on your cotton pad to avoid getting excess in your eye. The first time I used this I actually got my partner to read the ingredients as I was adamant there was alcohol in it because the pain was that bad! (After an eternity of hearing him trying to pronounce methylparaben I gave up). It was very easy to dispense however which made application easier, L’Oréal and Dior need a good shake to get the product out. Very cost effective though compared to the others so definitely one to go for when you are waiting for pay day! Costs £3.99 for 100ml.
Time efficiency 5/10  Effectiveness 6/10  Comfort  3/10. Overall rating 4.7/10 L’Oréal micellar gel

And the Winner is… (it’s pretty obvious from the shining review)

Lancome Bi’Facil eye make up remover!

Tips on technique

  1. Pick your material. (Ensure that you are using cotton balls, cotton pads, q tips or a soft muslin cloth, I usually use a cotton pad as I find it the quickest.)
  2. Soak your chosen material with remover and hold over your eye for 15-20 seconds gently pressing over your lashes. This soaks your lashes allowing the remover to break down the mascara with minimal rubbing.
  3. Then gently wipe outwards and under the lashes, you should sweep away in single motions without tugging as this will damage lashes.
  4. If you are not satisfied soak a q tip in the remover and wiggle the q tip up from the base of the last to get the harder to reach areas.
  5. Once removed don’t forget your lashes need some moisture just as your face does; I put a small about of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream onto a throw away mascara wand and run it through all my lashes. Conditioned lashes will be thicker, stronger and longer. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour

Enjoy your new eye make up remover routine! Xoxo


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