How to nail the ‘ankle boot’ look 

It’s certainly the ankle boot time of year, not just because its the latest trend but also because its weather appropriate. I mean lets face it, tottering through the bitter cold in your best pair of black stilettos really isn’t a good look when you’ve got near blue ankles and everybody is looking at you with pity; ‘Oh God she must be freezing -are you not cold?!’. My pet hate; asking the obvious. It’s like when you start to cry at work after a stressful day (everyday in my case) and your co-worker says ‘Aw, are you okay?’. No Lucy, I’m fine I just cry daily as practice for my wedding day. Duh.

So to avoid any of the above, I have done some experimenting which I will now share with you. The first step of nailing the ankle boot look is working out what heel height you need, personally my ideal height would be 5’7 so being a bog standard 5’5 means I need a minimum heel height of 2 inches. Ankle boots give you extra support so you really can go for the heel you’ve always dreamt off, don’t be afraid to reach great heights!

Especially during the winter we all crave for that pop of colour, and you can usually count on those fuchsia pinks to make their entrances in December ready to kick start Spring. But for me, the magic colour of this season is warm Golds. People tend to get carried away in wanting to be show stoppers when the dark nights creep in, we see so many bright pastels, but the trick is to go warmer not brighter. Think deep yellow, rich gold, oak mahogany, these colours will give your look, face and complexion that gorgeous depth which creates a euphoric energy; true sophistication. -I get the whole bright colours thing I really do (I wear a lot of bright colours), but you can so easily verge on looking tacky as it jars with the festive darkness creating this fakeness.

My favourite ankle boot this season has to be the Topshop Belle Boot with gold heel. I got these for £30.00 in the sale, but they have actually gone down to £15.00 now. Pair with a neat denim dress and silk neckerchief and you are good to go! Such a bargain, and everybody asks me where they are from! Topshop belle boot

You’ve got some alternatives from Miss Selfridge, Accessorize and Zara below too if you fancy them instead.

Miss Selfridge boots £42.50

Forever 21 boots  £29.00
Zara boots £29.99

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