20 top time out tips

It’s hard to take a break, especially with a packed schedule, so here are 20 time effective ways to get the time out you deserve without breaking the bank!

1.Treat yourself to some flowers. I love to pick up daffodils from the market, I get two bunches for £1 and they brighten up my day, my flat and my mood 😊

2.Write in a journal. Getting your thoughts out and on paper is super therapeutic and helps you let go of those worries.

3.Pet a furry creature. Who doesn’t love animals?


4. Get outside. Even popping to the park in your lunch break will get fresh air in you, it’s important to renew your energy throughout the day and touch base.

Source: irresistiblegifs.tumblr.com
5. Let go of something. Wether it’s a spiritual gesture where you transfer what you want to leave behind onto a balloon and letting go symbolises the next chapter in your life, or if you want to burn a bunch of crap in the garden, you’ll feel better.

6. Show an act of kindness. Make national kindness day every day, sometimes a simple ‘how is your day going so far?’ is enough to make somebody’s day, -and you get to feel like a hero.

Source: http://m.uk.ign.com/wikis/the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild.               7. Play a video game. The new Legend of Zelda is my favourite thing at the moment, I love checking into a fantasy world.

8. Rest your legs against a wall; sometimes a change of physical position is all you need to feel different.

9. Forgiveness. Within reason, forgive somebody for hurting you. Generally people don’t do bad things because they are calamitous, it’s because they are hurting themselves.

Source: http://gph.is/2k8tWfP
10. Listen to music. Find that summer tune and have a boogie, -it’s a great mood changer and who doesn’t want to pretend they are Beyoncé for five minutes?


11. Give yourself a face mask. The new Origins face masks are seriously amazing. They are £5 a go but I re-used mine as they are sheet masks, meaning they get soaked in all that natural goodness!

12. Take a shower before bed. Ah, this is so cleansing, you go to bed feeling all soft and pampered; you deserve to feel special.

Source: http://gph.is/1qndSWq
13. Wash your bedding, it’s a bit of hard work but so worth it.

14. Do some gardening. Planting a seed and watching it blossom into a flower is healing and powerful. I’m not exactly an expert as you can see, but I try my dang best! #cantaffordalawnmower

15. Bake a cake. Go to the supermarket with a list of ingredients, come home and create the mixture, bake and ice the cake. The best bit is sitting down to the first slice with a cup of tea ❤️.

16. Catch up with a loved one. Maybe share some of that cake with them and talk about everything.

17. Leave your phone alone for the afternoon. Take a break from all this social media and look at the world around you.

18. Treat yourself to lunch. If you don’t get much time away from work, then go in your lunch break. Number one rule with this time out: Don’t beat yourself up for splashing out a bit!

19. Go for a soak in the tub. Light candles, pour yourself a glass of wine and unwind in a load of bubbles.

20. And lastly, take a deep breath! Focus on your breathing and find some stillness, count to 5 as you inhale and exhale. Mini meditation is a life saver. My grandmother painted this forest escape for me, and it always brings me to a standstill when life is flying past me and I can’t keep up.

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