Frills on ankles knees and toes

This season boasts some beautiful trends, but my favourite so far simply has to be the frill finish on all limbs. You walk in Zara and every trouser leg has a dynamic fan finish, Topshop have long frilled cuffs at the end of every Bardot sleeve and H&M have layer upon layer on the ladies suit pants.

If you want to really sissy that walk and make Ru proud, then frills are the one for you this summer. They add another dimension to your outfit, you get a feminine bounce at the end of your movements which commands a power with everything you do. The perfect balance of masculinity and femininity in one detail.

Let me share some of my favourite pieces of the year so far…

For a low key frill you need the easy to layer Zara crop trousers, these are perfect for work as well… #femaleboss

For the ‘I’m frilly and I know it’ lady, this Topshop Midi skirt is spectacular in the summer teamed with your go to wedges and cute Bardot crop top 😘.

For the ‘I have 0 frills to give’ this casual statement dress from Oliver Bonas oozes ‘C’est lie vie’. 

For the ‘I wanna frill forever’ type of gal step into these bold red babys from Misguided. These are the kinda frills to take a stand in.

If you are just out of town ‘for the frill of it’ and want to turn some heads by the pool look no further. This New look swimsuit is seriously going to ruffle a few feathers this summer 🕶.

For the ‘frill seeker’, this playful jumpsuit from Boohoo is just what you need to flirt with life. The ruffle down the bust along with the pastel blue tone gives a sexy, poised and sophisticated allure.


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