The Summer Body HOAX! 

It’s that lethal slogan ‘summer body’ that’s boomeranged back again; has your tummy turned upside down too? Well you can stop that now. The summer body hoax is over. Hear me? IT’S OVER. 

I’ve slogged hours at the gym, checked into a new diet, had daily weigh ins, spent a small fortune on water resistant make up and bronze goddess promising tanning oil. Enough. And I’ll tell you why. 

I went on a boat trip yesterday around the stunning Greek islands with my supportive, loving and funny boyfriend. We snorkeled in clear waters and pointed out tropical coloured fish, we danced to music and ate chicken kebabs on the boat, we held hands with eyes closed on the top deck whilst whooshing around the sea in the blaze. And you know I still had that fleeting ‘is everyone laughing at my belly’ panic every 5 mins. I looked around feeling like a sweaty beached whale with a patchy red sun tan. As I looked around trying to suck in my rolls I saw all these women around me, completely relaxed letting their rib cage go with no care for a few rolls or a belly that extended over their bikini bottoms. They were all shapes and sizes; French sisters, first time mums, retired grandmothers, northern party girls. It got me thinking. If they don’t care; why should I? I’m me, and what’s wrong with that? 

So I breathed out. And I made myself a promise that I would never suffocate myself like that again. Everybody has rolls when they sit down girls, everybody has thighs that wobble when they put one foot infront of the other and everybody has to pull their bikini bottoms out from their bum when they get out of the pool. And guess what? That is liberating, to be you at all times everywhere. 

Somehow we put huge pressure on ourselves, to only show parts of the reality it is to be a woman; well I’m done with that. From now I am going to show all the beauty it is to be a woman with no shame, and I can’t do it without you, so let’s do it together. #glory

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