Being the middle child of life. 

Yep. I am being that dramatic; middle child = you end up in the middle of pretty much everything; good and bad… but mainly bad. And isn’t that such a middle child ‘woe is me’ thing to say, too? If you hadn’t guessed already, yes I am a middle child!

That’s me up there on the far right, pulling duck face since 1993.

There are two options you have when it comes to placing the blame, you can simply blame your parents timing, it’s not your fault they chose to stop baby making on an odd number of nippers is it? Or you can accept that as a middle child, you are simply inclined to get in the way of other people’s scraps or insist on wedging an elbow in and getting your share of the good times too. And why not? You’re entitled to be included!

That tends to be where our need to be involved in our surroundings comes from, it’s the fear of being left out, or being branded the black sheep or scrap starter of the family (it’s a common thing in life where the helper ends up hindered). It hits close to home for me too. That’s the irony of being the middle dumpling too, we almost brand ourselves as ‘The Unloved’, and that my fellow middle children is where we must stop. You’ve got to put an end to being your own worst enemy, stop pre-empting a squabble where you’ll be stuck between a rock and a hard place, or even just mentally putting yourself there whether you act on anything or not.

And if you end up in the middle, simply step back from it, just because other people are playing this game it doesn’t mean you have to too. You can say no. It’s okay to choose yourself, in fact, it’s a very positive move for everybody.

There are so many amazing reasons your middle child nature makes you a brilliant person, friend and soul mate:

1.You’re a badass boss, and the workplace needs more women (sorry fellas) like you, role models who know their own mind. You are able to have a balanced view when two co-workers are disagreeing, and you know how to be fair when it’s time to dish out the late shifts during Christmas week.

2. You are a huge supporter when it comes to friendship, your natural desire to protect and create harmony whilst telling someone what’s what helps you keep great friends. You remember to follow up on conversations when your pal has been through a tough time, and you can take the hint when they don’t feel ready to talk. It’s all a balancing act my friend, which you have won many t-shirts for.

3. You take life on the chin, and you need that for love. Soul mate searching can cause some serious heart break, but it’s all worth it when you find your best pal and lover for life. True love requires a fighters mind and body, and as Cheryl Cole once said; ‘you’ve got to fight fight fight fight fight for this love’, -you’ve got to take care of your soul mate for life!


So don’t be hard on yourself, there are billions of middle children out there all battling the world like you, don’t beat yourself up out of frustration you can’t fix everything. Be your own best friend and choose peace & love.

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