The #NOTordinary Skincare 

Dubbed ‘The Pharmacy of Skincare’, shopping with The Ordinary is your perfect doctors appointment; no tense waiting rooms, coughing children or unhelpful receptionists/distracted doctor.

It couldn’t be easier to target your skin concerns with the help of The Ordinary. If you have hydration concerns, you can get your hands on hyaluronic acid. Under eye puffiness? They have a caffeine solution to put a spring back in your eyes. Instead of taking an aspirin to relieve the pain of a headache, you can remove it altogether – and prevent it from coming back. No more ‘hoping for the best Moisturizers’.

Heck they even have an extensive selection of Retinoare serums (retinols superior sibling) that are non-irritating, vegan and pure. The ingredients that you would usually pay over £50 for (in a diluted form) from your typical beauty house are sold to you for under £10 from TO and you actually get the real deal.

As a skincare junkie who is about to reach her quarter life crisis, let me share my TO routine with you. If you are wanting to keep skin hydrated and smooth while focusing on anti-aging, this routine may just be your girl:

AM routine: Cleanse + Tone (I use Liz Earle – bible!), ‘TO’ Buffet, Hyaluronic acid, Natural moisturizing factors, Organic rose hip oil (always on lashes, 1-2 a week on face), SPF 50.

PM routine: Cleanse + Tone, ‘TO’ Buffet, Retinoid 2%, Natural moisturizing factors, Organic rose hop oil (always on lashes, 1-2 a week on face).

It’s about time we had more skincare options like this available, where you can select one ingredient you want to hone in on, your skin doesn’t need hundreds of treatments. TO is for all skin, don’t let the price tag make you think it’s a) not expensive enough for mature skin or b) cheap crap. Big beauty houses including my beloved Dior can take advantage of the pressure society puts on women to be ‘young and beautiful’. They know that ultimately women will pay for this misplaced dream. Have I mentioned that you can get all this for under £20?

If you go to Deciems website and find The Ordinary they’ll even provide you with a Regimen Guide telling you what ingredients to mix and match for your desired results. Link to Regimen Guide

Have fun!

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