A week without make up

I never thought a week without make up would be possible for me. After working for Christian Dior I fell in love with colour and it became an empowering way of expressing my personality. But like with all art, sometimes taking a step back is healthy… And its important that your skin gets some TLC.

Here are seven things (one for each day) I’ve learned from my week away from baking:

Monday: The softness of your skin gets unreal, did I mention the natural glow too? Obviously there is nothing like that unicorn highlight from a powder, but for a cute dewy glow this was perfect. (The glow was probs sweat, which normally gets blocked by foundation but hey a girl can dream)

Source https://gph.is/2rQDijd

Tuesday: You can blow your nose like a normal person and put an end to twisting a napkin into a pyramid shape to clear out Le Nostrils.

Wednesday: Bedtime becomes more about skincare and calmness, as opposed to tirelessly scrubbing at your eyelashes to shift mascara.

Source https://gph.is/2cEHs3p

Thursday: Time, I could get ready in 10 mins… my morning routine – roll out of bed, splash face, slap a tonne of moisturiser on (The Ordinary HA at the moment), pull clothes on, brush teeth and hair, feed pigs, grab bag and go!

Friday: Heart breaking self-love; the emotionality of catching your naked face in the mirror during a pee break at work turns into the need to stick up for yourself and build confidence. I reconnected with my inner Rach, which I realised is something I need to do more often as I felt part alien for a while.

Source https://gph.is/2cEHs3p

Saturday: You feel judgement, but in a different way. Instead of that ‘does she think I’m a bitch?’ thought for the full face of makeup, you have the ‘does she think I’m lazy?’ thought for natural cheekbones. One day we will be free altogether of the uncompromising judging eyes.
Sunday: This… at any time of the day…

Source https://gph.is/2gui0ly

The things I didn’t like; not having spf, my sun protection is in my foundation so I had to invest in a really good spf. Elizabeth Arden City Smart. I also really missed my highlighter, not being Rudolf with a glowing nose was a bit of a bummer… but a week off all the products is definitely something I would recommend to anyone wanting to refresh themselves.

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