Friends Trends to Hijack in 2018

2018 brought in promises to the gym, resolutions to clean makeup brushes but most importantly the entire 10 seasons of Friends on Netflix. So, for those of you that have binged watched Friends since it was added onto Netflix, high five! And those who didn’t know/never got into it… There’s still time!

Since re-watching I remembered how amazing their fashion was and, like many others, I have become obsessed with their outfits; old school Levi’s jeans, light wash dungarees, crop top and matching skirt combo with knee high boots… And that’s just scratching the surface. So I decided to compile some key trends in need of a comeback for SS18 and where to find them without breaking the bank!

1. Rachel and Monica’s jeans. The jeans that framed the silhouette of the season (both in Friends and AW17), sinched in waist with curvy hips and legs. Team your denim with a thick belt and tee or baggy shirt, hello 2018 in-style.


Levis are the classic here, but honestly you can snag a pair from Topshop, New Look, Urban Outfitters. Topshop has recently launched a massive denim campaign, the ethereal Instagram photography is so stunning I had to refrain myself from reviving last summers festival look! Link here

2. Rachel’s dungarees.


A wardrobe essential, twists on the everyday dungaree will be everywhere; Pinafore Cord Dresses, Black Flared Dungaree and of course the Classic Original. Layering under dainty spaghetti strap dresses was big last year, so that versatile trend will likely repeat with layering dungarees.

3. Phoebe’s velvet dress. So chic. So elegant. So sassy. Velvet has a very fine line for being too festive or trying too hard, but the velvet shirt dress is genius!


Get it here from Sacred Hawk. It’s worth peeking at their accessories too; they have a bandana neckerchief with long tassels, my mind is blown.

4. Monica’s working out clothes. And her kick-ass ball-busting attitude. I would cry like a baby if I had to go for a run with her, but watching her makes life more colourful. Notice that Kim Kardashian revived the cut off at the knee leggings last year? Well Monica did it first! Literally the episode where they celebrate New Years and they are like `hello 1999` made me weep and run to Boots to buy the strongest anti-aging serum my old wrinkly hands could find. The Nike sports top can be found here and the cropped leggings right here!
5. Rachel’s tees. Yaaaaas! These bad boys never go out of fashion, even on your worst days, a classic slogan tee will never ever fail you.

I found some the pics above from an awesome blog by Maven 46, it’s worth a read as it’s like an alternate version of the universe in this post; Friends, – What would they wear now? Find the ‘save the drama for your mama’ tee here, the orange Cookie Monster here or the Girls top on Etsy.

6. Phoebe’s pyjamas/ loungewear. Some mornings when I really cba and it’s freezing outside I wear my onesie underneath my work uniform, -it serves as a little hug when customers are chewing my ear off over their waiting time in the queue. Phoebe demonstrates the dream below, total ‘idgaf’ goals. Find your own ‘no f***’s to give’ onesie here.

7. Rachel’s work wear. We all need a staple blazer in our wardrobe, H&M has a strong selection of go-to blazers, find yours here. Gingham is back for SS18, except this year it’s been revamped with florals, think pink with Joules for your snatch. Topshop is about to dominate chic workwear; try their cute pencil skirt here. If you are looking for a more forward-thinking suit, Zara is your girl, just make sure you don’t smoke your credit card out too much!


You know what else I love, Phoebe’s nose (that’s right, I didn’t get her confused with Rachel) Make up is always a passion, and being able to contour a really sharp nose is necessary fleek but seeing the girls with natural make up, no iPhone and drinking full fat lattes is soul therapy. If Monica, Rachel and Pheobe can do it, we can too. There has been a back lash with the series resurfacing about how themes and comments would never be accepted today, and I agree with that. The homophobic jokes, fat shaming of Monica, gender/trans bashing with Ben wanting a Barbie doll. It’s not acceptable and with the great steps forward we have taken in equality the issues in the show are being picked up by a wider audience now. I wanted to put that out there, because as much as I love the show for its story, friendships and fashion, I certainly do not love the unacceptable jokes and would hate to be misunderstood as promoting them in this blog.

I would love to see your pics reviving some of the awesome outfits, email/tag me in them on instagram!


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