5 life altering things my Grandparents taught me

1. There are 100 billion galaxies out there, 100 billion planets in our galaxy alone and 100 thousand million stars, yet we waste our energy on negative emotions fighting eachother. Bottom line, don’t get sucked into petty drama. You wait, every month I’ll be retelling this to my landlord as the reason why I spent the rent money on McDonald’s. Featured image found here

2. Never stop learning, knowledge is key. When it’s not homework it’s actually really fun, I’m not the brightest bulb so a good documentary is my babe, I feel re energised after finding out something that gives me a different perspective. On top of that you’ll have some insightful facts to drop into convo at work; Susan ain’t gonna call you dumb again when you can list every Disney film released in 2001.

3. It’s cliche but don’t hold back when it comes to love.

4. Laugh at eachother. You know those horrible arguments that erupt over something as stupid as who changed the channel on the tele? Instead of snarling, take the mickey. Instead of ignoring, poke your head round the door and make a silly face. I’m terrible at laughing things off because I take myself sooo seriously, but I’ve found it kinda hilarious looking back the stupid things I come out with. Our all time favourite is when I was driving home with my boyfriend after visiting Granny & Pa. We took the wrong junction and ended up in Charring Cross! We were fighting over who had given the wrong directions, I swung round a corner and Miki told me to slow down, to which I replied in a teenager wannabe emo tone; ‘I’m driving how I feel, Miki!’

5. Money doesn’t make you interesting, in fact if you are not careful it’ll make you really dull. I know a couple people, dare I say close people who kinda go on about money all the time. If it’s not how much money they made off their last bonus it’s when they are due to get their next pay rise, then they try to give you life advice on your own finances usually throwing in the phrase ‘you’ll get there eventually don’t worry’. Granny & Pa always remind me about what matters, when I visit they ask about my blog, recommend new recipes and bring out the crossword. When it’s time to leave I drive home feeling loved for all that makes me Rachel, including my inability to solve just one word on the Sunday crossword.

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