Creme De Le Mer £340 Moisturizer Review

Creme De Le Mer, translated to ‘Milk of the Ocean`. As far as I was concerned for the price of one of these pots I better be getting some Great Fairy Godmother potion, my expectations were to wake up looking like a Disney Princess.

Coming from a beauty household, I know all the magical stories out there about serums made from a special sap found in the oldest tree in Thailand, reachable only by parachuting from an airplane. Although I’m somewhat of a cynic, I can’t help but adore the stories, so let’s see what the legendary Le Mer has to say.

Miracle Broth is Le Mers’ claim of a unique formula; it’s a collection of ingredients fermented in a unique process which is where the price tag gets attached. The active ingredients are Algae, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins C, E, B12 plus eucalyptus and sunflower oils. Huda Beauty recently posted a blog acknowleding the incredible effects marine based moisturisers have (La Mer features), it’s worth a read as they go into detail on the ingredients.

It took 12 years for Dr. Huber to create Miracle Broth. After a lab experiment exploded in his face, he was left with extreme burns. Dr. Huber committed to creating a moisturiser that would heal damaged skin. It’s the power of this story and the miracle broth combined that makes Le Mer so iconic; it was founded on truth. I was surprised after reading about the history of the brand, I admit I couldn’t help but think `what a waste, all that money for glorified shea butter” but I misjudged the brand, and if you don’t believe me, let the results speak for themselves. All the photos on this blog are genuine with no filter or photoshop whatsoever, I have a Huawei p20 pro which has a pretty decent camera so I made sure to take every photo at the same time and in the same place so this product review is as fair as possible.

Pre Le Mer

So this is the beast under the beauty, every few weeks I get acne breakouts on my chin and cheekbones, I have normal combo skin with a dry t zone and I cannot take a strong exfoliation or heavy face mask.

Day 1 LeMer – Application

The main thing I was hoping for is to get control of my acne breakouts. I’ve read loads of reviews about this creme saying it healed acne spots and regulated the production of oil so the breakouts didn’t come back. Overnight my dark pigmentation from acne appeared smoother and the surface didn’t feel overly oily or dry in prone areas.

The consistency of the creme is unlike any skincare I’ve experienced before, its texture feels creamy yet when you warm it up between your fingers it transforms into a lotion, super weird at first but a little goes a really long way. It sinks into the skin, but unlike a gel it doesn’t disappear, you get a light residue that seeps in comfortably overnight. No grease or icky sensations, you do feel like you are handling a creme that is different, its a bit of everything when it comes to texture.

Week 1 LeMer

My skin appeared brighter and the dark spots left from acne were smoother.

Week 2

My breakup with acne was over, we got back together and I was not happy about that one bit. I had been applying the creme morning and night which was clearly too much as it’s quite rich for my combination skin. I decided to limit my use to once a day, before bed, and to use half the amount as before which was going from a 5p coin size to a pea size.

Week 3

Better. Balancing the use of the creme worked a treat, I was back at week 1 progress but with more radiance in my complexion and the fresh acne scarring around my chin had healed. Only time would tell if this was a fluke or the real deal.

Month 2

It’s the real deal. My skin has been transformed, I’ve not felt this confident bare faced in a long time.

So is La Mer’s ‘The Soft Moisturising Creme’ worth £120 per 30ml? When you balance the minimal product you need to cover the face with the results after a little bit of patience, the answer is yes! This product is fantastic and I will be buying another pot when I run out, which is extremely rare for me!

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