The pressures of being 25

In other words. Your quarter life crisis summed up. It’s ok, you’re not alone.

1. Everybody older than you says it’s meant to be the time of your life

2. Everybody younger than you says it’s meant to be the time of your life

3. Feeling like a failure because you don’t own a penthouse suite, sweet old Bentley and have a badass millionaire job

4. Wanting to show your school peers/ bullies that you rock and they lost out not being your friend/ showing you more respect

5. Regretting your degree choice that cost you 30-50k

6. Not having a clue what job you should have/can have with your skills. It’s not actually too late to go back to school and study to be a doctor or nurse

7. Suddenly realising your friendship circle has shrunk. Robert De Niro wasn’t kidding about that circle of trust

8. The thought of having children leaves you mind blown, so you resolve to have cats instead

9. Getting a bit fluffier a bit easier, after eating loads of cookies

10. Breathing a sigh of relief when your Saturday night plans are cancelled

11. Wondering how your parents fed you, clothed you and got you to school for all those years

12. Wondering why your parents thought all that stupid crap they let you do was a good idea

13. Going through the acne/puberty phase all over again

14. Realising your decisions actually have consequences -like staying up till 2am lost in a YouTube black hole and having to go to work as a zombie

15. Becoming really passionate about your rights and realising you are forever battling the patriarchy

16. Dating becomes the ultimate torture; ye who shows vulnerability first, meets a terrible fate

17. Missing your parents

18. Getting really excited about new kitchen utensils

19. Liberating yourself from the confines of beauty by wearing makeup and clothes as an expression of self, not for the satisfaction of others -there is a difference

20. The importance of self-care hits home, start watering your garden

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