How to book an affordable 5 star luxury holiday

Yep. This is my endless crisis too. Read on to find out how travel on a 5 star holiday when you’re broke af.

I’ve always had the urge to jump in the car and speed off into the horizon. Johnny Cash on the radio and my hair flapping around under a silk scarf. Ugh if only. But it doesn’t have to be a fantasy, there’s a way to jet-set around the world without obliterating the ol’ bank account.

Book in advance without paying up-front, get a phenomenal deal and start setting some money aside every month.

Although it’s tempting to just throw a whole pay-cheque at a holiday and have it booked, you can seriously suffer for it when an unexpected bill comes along. You might end up begging family for money, and ain’t nobody got time for that being bought up every Christmas dinner, birthday party and special occasion.

I’m gonna take a guess here most of my readers (3 out of the 4 of you) are coffee lovers. It’s an expensive necessity but there are ways to reel back the pounds from Starbucks. Ever heard of Nespresso? With those smooth George Clooney adverts? They are running a phenomenal deal at the moment, sign up for monthly coffee and receive a machine for £1. And the monthly subscription fee is waaaaaay cheaper than buying Starbucks every day. 10 coffees = £3.50-£4.00! Plus the coffee variation is spectacular, and yes they do caramel, vanilla and chocolate flavour latte pods. You can use that tip to start your new saving mantra, I used to spend £60-80 a month on Starbucks latte, now I spend less than £10. Every month I set aside the £50 I’ve saved for my affordable luxury holiday.

The hotel/accommodation is next, and man do I have some exciting advice for you on this one. has a free cancellation option. It’s across the majority of their hotels now, so you can literally book a 5* hotel in July, have free cancellation until the day before you fly and you pay on check-out. You can have the 5* experience at great value by booking ahead and giving yourself enough time to save up. My bae booked a 5* hotel in the Algarve, Portugal at the end of June for a week. It’s free cancellation, and comes in at £550.

There are some decent flight platforms out there, like Kayak and Awaymo. If you’re like me and can’t cough up the full cost of flights, but you want to book whilst it’s cheap and available, try Awaymo. This company will let you pay in monthly instalments leading up to your holiday, so you don’t have to worry about the seats selling out or becoming too expensive.

If you do want to live a bit more on the wild side, there is a great tool Kayak offer which tells you the best time to buy. It spots trends and spikes in prices and will advise whether you should wait or buy. So if you combine this tool, with Awaymo’s payment plan you are onto a winner. Aside from these two, Skyscanner is really good for finding a decent price comparison, these are my top 3 airline sites.

If money is still a monster, and booking in advance using the tips above isn’t going to work, why not travel off-peak?
Although Croatia might be on your Summer Goals list, there’s plenty to explore all year round. Have a think about the places on your bucket list and research the off-peak opportunities there, it’ll be way cheaper then. Plus who doesn’t love wrapping up warm with a coffee in one hand and the world in the other?

I hope after reading my blog you’re going to nab that free Nespresso machine and book yourself on an affordable, 5 star, luxury holiday!

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